Issue 02
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Labour is a student-driven, open source research
and theory publication that interrogates current
design practices and their position within larger
societal, cultural, and political contexts. A shared
intellectual and disciplinary commons, this
publication enables students and practitioners of
all backgrounds to participate in -- and contribute
to -- intersectional discourse and action.

Labour provokes critical engagements with
increasingly complex and interconnected issues
through the curation of diverse viewpoints and

Labour is a platform for exploring the expanding
territory of contemporary spatial praxis and

Labour is our lab.

2019 Labour
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Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art, Washington University in St. Louis, has served as a critical platform for discussing and developing ideas presented in Labour.


Editors in Chief
David Eslahi
Micah Macaulay
Rory Thibault

Editorial Board
Samuel Bell-Hart
Lauren McDaniel
Amela Parcic
Kevin Ulmer

Chief Advisors
Rod Barnett
Heather Woofter

Advisory Board
Rod Barnett
Eric Ellingsen
Jesse Vogler